Garment Care

We provide state-of-the-art-cleaning technology to ensure that your fabrics are properly cared for. We professionally, pre-spot, clean, and finish each garment to ensure that your expectations are met.

Same Day Service

At Diamondback Cleaners, we understand that convenience and quality customer care go hand in hand. With this in mind, we provide Same Day Service for all your last minute needs. In by 9:00 AM, out by 5:00 PM. Available Monday thru Friday (Except Thursday).

Alteration Services and Repairs

Our tailors provide expert alteration services while committed to personal attention and detail to your specific requirements. 

Wedding Dress Preservation

At Diamondback Cleaners, we understand that your wedding is an everlasting memory. With that in mind, we provide wedding dress cleaning and preservation to preserve your special day. 

Fluff and Fold

Focusing on customer convenience and quality care, we offer fluff and fold services in order to ensure that your laundered needs are met. 

​Suede and Leather 

Professional chemicals and procedures are meticulously incorporated into the cleaning of your Suede and Leather items. The thorough cleaning process, although a bit more time consuming, will ensure that your suede and leather items are revitalized.

​Household Items

We specialize in cleaning a broad spectrum of household items ranging from linens to curtains, as well as area rugs. Please don't hesitate to call for more information. 


Diamondback Cleaners
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